Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Clean Baby!

 Cass typically gives Jack his baths in the mornings so I'm not around, but Saturday morning was bath time and I got to snap a few pictures.  Jack really likes his bath time and after the initial shock of being naked in water enjoys them.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Visit from Mego

My college friend Megan came to visit little Jack on Saturday. She has two nephews and one niece so she is a pro with babies. Jack slept most of the time, but Megan sure did love holding him. He also peed on her... We enjoyed going out to eat at Chuy's together.
Showing off his bottom. Josh loves the puppy. NOT.

Fast asleep.

The Dog Days Are Over

...well at least they think so! Jacks arrival has certainly turned our world upside down and the dogs have probably felt the brunt of that. They are no longer the center of attention and are constantly being kicked off the couch or told to "stop bringing me your toy, go lay down". I know Lexi is waiting for the day Jack can throw her ball... He will have a friend for life when she realizes his talents

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lazy Saturday Mornings

Jack and I love them!

Appetizer Night

The spread.
Appetizers, appetizers, appetizers! Who doesn't love somegreat appetizers? Well, Josh and I most certainly do. Back in college Josh andI use to make a dinner we call Appetizer Night. We gather all sorts of meats,cheeses, and other yummies to create a meal. It is one of our favorite meals.This time we invited my sister, Alaska Josh, and Josh’s mom over to enjoy itwith us.

Our menu includes a meat plate (with ham, salami, and pepperoni), a cheese plate (assorted varieties), pita chips, hummus, caprese salad, brushcetta, olives, and toasted bread. Yum. The next night we normally through all the left overs on a pizza. 

Lovey and Jack

Way excited about the olives!
"Wish my digestive system would tolerate solid food already! I want some appetizers!" - Jack 

Josh and Melinda

Friday, January 27, 2012

Visit from Lovey

Today Jack got a visit from Lovey. She has been a little tied up with Paiton lately, so she needed to get up and see little Jack. Of course the visit included a shopping trip for MORE clothes and Cass got a little break making a trip to HEB which she always enjoys. When I got home from work we had a great dinner with Mel and Josh. Great ending to a rocky week!

Tiny Dancer

I recently purchased Jack an activity mat. He loves it! It also gives me a nice break. The red monkey hanging down in the middle plays music when it is touched. Jack has definitively figured it out. When he really gets going he kicks his little legs like crazy and makes all sorts of noises.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baking in the Rain

Jack's first baking experience

Today we had quite the storm here in Houston. Since our dogs hate any form of rain it gets pretty crazy around here. For me that meant very little possibility of napping even though little Jack wanted to play at 3:30 this morning. So we decided to do a little baking. Baking is relaxing for me and makes the house smell good even if only temporarily.

During my long hours of feeding Jack I entertain myself by playing with my iPhone. Josh introduced me to a free app called Stumble Upon. If you don't know about it, check it out. I found this really yummy recipe for snickerdoodle bars. I love snickerdoodle cookies, plus I had all the ingredients on hand. Also bars are much easier to make than cookies... it is like the lazy form of baking cookies.

Here is the link to the recipe instructions.

I always gather all my ingredients first.
I was excited to use my new measuring cups. 

Lexi and Jack were helping me...

Not so sure he is interested in baking yet.

Lexi always waits for crumbs to fall...

Now on to making the best part... the icing. Many people who reviewed the recipe mentioned there was not enough icing... which is terrible. So I doubled the recipe. I do this for most recipes that involve frosting or icing.

And done! I will report back with tasting results.

Finished product.

At one point Jack was helping in his carrier. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Baby Photos

I've found that once you have a baby (and I know I am just as guilty), everyone wants to comment on which parent the child looks more like.  Cass says hands down Jack resembles me, but I think he has a little bit of Cassie's good looks as well.  You get to be the judge.

Cassie and her Grandma

Cassie in the bathtub
Cassie in the hospital
Mom and Cassie

Cassie relaxing

Cassie looking pretty

Josh discovering his hand

Josh in the hospital

Josh being measured. They do not use this method anymore...
Josh smiling

The Bachelor ??? Who are you ???

I never thought I'd see the day that Cassie chose to skip a night in her pj's on the couch in the comfort of her own home, in exchange for a night watching the Bachelor... A neighbor invited her over last week and she had a great time, so tonight was week #2.

Jack and I managed...


Next time mommy will have to leave a bottle...

Happy First Birthday Jack!

Happy Birthday Jack! What a month it has been. We have had good days and days of utter exhaustion, but we wouldn’t change a thing. This month Jack has taken his first real bath, been out to eat, ventured to Target and Best Buy, and watched a football game at Gigi’s house. He weighs about nine pounds and eats up to 10 times a day! He has a love/hate relationship with hiccups, as well as baths. At night he is sleeping about three to four hours at a time and seems to be a morning person. Occasionally he keeps Mommy and Daddy up in the evenings with gas pains :(. A record this month was going through five outfits in one day. 

Last night we celebrate Jack’s birthday at Aunt Melinda’s house. We had a great time enjoying his cake.

Baby cake for baby Jack
Aunt Melinda enjoying the cake
 Enjoy some of our favorite photos from the past month.